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                              Date: July, 2010

                        Name:            Andrey A. Popelo
                        Date of birth:   December 19, 1986
                        Gender:          Male
                        Martial status:  Single
                        Origin:          Chernihiv, Ukraine
                        Phone:           +38093-7717657
                        E-mail/GTalk:    andrey@popelo.com
                        Web:             http://popelo.com

Objective: looking for full-time job as a Python developer.

4+ years of web-development experience. 2+ years in OpenSource development.

Section I. Work Experience

May – August 2009. Google Summer of Code 2009.
Contract worker for Google in their Summer of Code program. Worked for the
Maemo as mentoring organization. Created a plugin for Canola2 which allows
to manage personal ToDo lists and synchronize data with rememberthemilk.com
I worked with Ulisses Furquim Freire da Silva as my project mentor.
Learned much about Terra framework, EFL and Python.

May – August 2008. Google Summer of Code 2008.
Contract worker for Google in their Summer of Code program. Created a 
configurable client-side parser for lightweight markup languages for the
Dojo Foundation.
I worked with David Snopek as my project mentor.
Learned much about Dojo, JavaScript and Regular Expressions.

2003-2007. Freelance developer.
Mainly server-side web-development using php and MySQL.
I created a few sites from the ground up and made some parts of sites for
a dozen projects. Wrote a small web framework in php language which includes
database abstraction layer, simple ORM, Rails-like controllers. The main aim
was not to copy Rails, but to learn deeper how a good software framework works
and gain experience.

2004-2010. While studying at university I developed:
1. A hardware device which handles routing of a high-quality audio
   streams (research project for Axia Audio company).
   Development included: system on a chip with OpenRISC 1200 processor and
   a set of peripheral modules, written in Verilog; functional model of 
   the device, written in Python; linux kernel drivers and user-space 
   software for developed SoC.
   Most of the code was published under OpenSource license, see the
   OpenRISC XSoC project;
2. Course project written entirely in Assembler language as a part of 
   low-level programming course. Program works in graphical mode and handles
   operations starting from putting a pixel on a screen to drawing an
   interactive window with components. I implemented a visual component 
   manager and basic visual component library for it (windows, buttons, 
   drop-down menus, etc);
3. Simple shell interpreter with sh-like syntax, written in Ruby language.
4. Advanced process manager for Windows with plugins support, written in C++;

Section II. Education

2004-2010. Master of Specialized computer systems, Chernihiv State 
Technological University. Major: Computer Science.

May 2009. Sponsored participant in Mozilla Maemo Danish Weekend conference,
organized by Maemo and Mozilla communities.

October 2009. Sponsored participant in Maemo Summit 2009 conference,
organized by Nokia.

Section III. Skills

1. Linux (RedHat, Debian), Windows system and network administration;
2. Programming languages: Python, Ruby, JavaScript, C, C++, Assembler 
   of most Intel microprocessors;
3. Client- and server-side web programming, standard compliant XHTML/CSS,
   understanding of interface usability and typographics;
4. Technologies/frameworks: Web.py, Django, jQuery, Dojo, RESTful
   web services, Python Terra, EFL.
5. Databases: MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite;
6. Version control systems: CVS, SVN, GIT;
7. Hardware definition languages: Verilog, VHDL.

Section IV. Achievements

2008, 2009. Selected for Google Summer of Code two times in a row.
2003. Third place in regional school programming contest.

Section V. References

References are available on request.

Section VI. Personal Interests

1. Hard rock, electronic and trip-hop music;
2. Snowboarding, roller skating, soccer, basketball;
3. Love to learn something new.